Terms & Conditions


DEPOSITS are NON-REFUNDABLE. CANCELLATIONS with less than 14 days’ notice of your scheduled event will be billed the Total Contract Price. This means you will pay for all charges on the contract (no REFUNDS). A credit card is needed to secure your reservation two weeks prior to your event. By signing (or electronically signing) this contract and providing your credit card information, you are authorizing Executive Travels & Tours to charge the credit card for any of the following charges: deposits, cancellation fee, damages to the vehicle, and all services rendered. We will calculate the exact amount of hours and charges when the trip is completed. We will then deduct your deposit amount leaving the actual balance due.

Executive Travels & Tours RULES & REGULATIONS

1. No alcohol consumed by anyone less than 21 years of age.
2. No SMOKING inside the Vehicles is $200.00 charge per incident. NO EXCEPTIONS.
3. Clean-up fee for vomit inside or on the exterior of the Vehicles is $350.00.
4. All tolls, parking, and hotel accommodations (if part of your event) are not included in rental rate.
5. Replacement for broken or missing glasses: $20.00 each.
6. Clean-up fee for excessive matter (spills, food, etc.) in the Vehicle is $250.00.
7. Clean-up fee for each chewing gum in carpet is $100.00.
8. All unruly persons will be dropped off at the sole discretion of the driver and no refunds will be made.
9. We will not be responsible for any lost, damaged, or stolen property.
10. No illegal drug use of any kind.
11. Overtime will be billed in half hour increments.
12. Customer agrees that overtime will be billed at the contracted rate and agrees to pay any overtime charges.
13. Customer agrees that replacement Vehicle may be substituted in the event of any major mechanical issues or accident, etc.
14. All entertainment including CDs, DVDs are to be provided by the customer.
15. $700.00 per damaged seat, $500.00 per damaged carpet, $1,000.00 per damaged glass/window.
16. $800.00 minimum for each act of vandalism.
17. $2,000.00 for opening a car or bus door into another vehicle or stationary object.
18. All damages are the sole discretion of the driver.


I understand and agree to the length and usage along with any charges and further agree to pay for any and all damages my party may cause during the rental periods. I understand that there is no guarantee that overtime hours will be available and will ensure that the number of hours I am requesting is a sufficient amount of time for my event. I also agree to the above Executive Travels & Tours, Rules and Regulations. All damages are the sole discretion of the driver. I understand and agree to pay the entire contract price if the cancellation policy is not followed. The number of hours I agree to on the contract is the minimum hours I agree to pay.